Center for Comparative Constitutionalism

"India: Implementing Pluralism and Democracy," Papers and Recordings


Papers [all in PDF]

Akeel Bilgrami: Occidentalism, The Very Idea: An Essay on Enlightment and Enchantment

Zoya Hasan: Tokenism or Empowerment? A Comparative Analysis of Public Policies and Institutions of Disadvantaged Communities in India

Martha Nussbaum: Fantasies of Purity and Domination: Images of Masculinity and the Gujarat Massacre (Chapter 6 of Martha Nussbaum THE CLASH WITHIN: DEMOCRACY, VIOLENCE, AND INDIA'S FUTURE. Under contract to Harvard University Press. DRAFT: PLEASE DO NOT CITE WITHOUT PERMISSION.

Prabhat Patnaik: The Crisis in India's Countryside



Keynote Speech, Amartya Sen: "India: Large and Small"